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What we do and what we don't do

Splendid Casting is the South Island’s only independent casting service –  we’re not an agency (we don’t represent talent), which means our only vested interest is in finding you the best talent for your brief.

We’re a small, savvy, dedicated team with wide industry experience, and a shared passion for helping to make great things happen in this part of the world.

We see our role very much as creative collaborators – working with producers and directors to understand the essence of the brief, and finding the talent who will bring that brief to life.  We’re also committed to making the casting process streamlined, efficient, stress-free and well, splendid.

Jane Mahoney

Casting Director

Photo credit: Craig Forster, NineTwentyOne Studios

Splendid Casting founder and Casting Director Jane Mahoney has been in the casting business since the good old days of VHS tapes and polaroid mug shots. After studying drama and philosophy at Otago Uni, Jane set up Castaway Casting in Christchurch in the late eighties.

Thirty years on,  Jane has gained a 360° view of the film and advertising industry, having clocked  up experience as a tv commercial producer, advertising agency producer, documentary director and marketing & communications advisor/’client’.

Returning full circle back to casting in 2016, the technology might have moved on but her passion for the art and process of casting (and for helping to grow the film industry in Christchurch) burns brighter than ever.